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Enter the Fog God Neptune:

23 Dec









The majesty of a foggy day. Everything is elusive, unclear and soft. I can always rely on the enjoyment I derive from such days, a happy byproduct of severe fluctuations in temperature. Or whatever reason the scientists have come up with to explain fog; its presence is as mysterious as its effects.

Since I’m currently battling the negative externalities of nesting season, choosing to capture the beauty of the world around me proved an effective emotional pacifier. And yes, I know it’s the holidays. People who date each other want to do things like nap and other indoor activities. People who don’t date anyone also want to stay in and nap. And watch movies.

Or whatever.

And it’s not like I hate inside time, I just mostly dislike it because it’s usually not as awesome as outside time.

Spending too much time indoors makes me feel like a wild animal. I already spend tons of time indoors at work all day. I have a need to be expressive. Outside. Also, I got snow boots this year, which has really revolutionized my outdoor winter experience. Maybe the people of Boston need to prioritize getting winter boots and an appropriate winter puffy jacket?

Anyway look at more photos of cool buildings. I’ve been taking lots of pictures of my environment lately. How can you not when the world is so beautiful? Plus taking pictures and walking around aimlessly is a great distraction from…


I’ll get over it eventually.











Harvard Square

9 Nov

Its early. I got to work at 7:37 today. The result of a carpooling complication, I woke up when it was still dark out.

Actually, I’m running on just a few hours of sleep. Something strange happens to me when under the spell of sleep deprivation. I have more energy, I’m more alert and my attention is far more compromised, leading me to believe that I am genetically engineered to withstand and crave small doses of sleep.

To be honest, I don’t enjoy sleep. I don’t like waking up, I don’t like being groggy; I detest that span of time between realizing you aren’t sleeping anymore and getting out of bed which is why I try and shorten it by shooting right out of bed the second I realize I’m not so much dreaming as I am making thoughts up to supplement whatever dream I just finished.

Anyway. Today, I have assembled a picture story about Harvard Square.

Some notes:

  • It’s nice. There are stores and its a tourist hot spot, but behind all of that, there is a quiet nurturing that Harvard Square provides for the soul.
  • Also nice if you’re into sitting in cafes, visiting countless dirty record shops in search of JUST ONE Scott Walker album, surrendering to the grassy knolls in the lingering afternoon sun and blah blah blah.
  • Harvard Square is where we took the bus to when we were in middle school and high school to hang out with born-again punk “trying-to-kill-their-parent’s-souls” kids from Wellesley. Or nice homeless people that talked to us about books or the weather… to feel like the big city kids we thought we were.
  • It’s where I go when I’m happy and I want to sit on a bench by the river and reflect.
  • It’s where I go when I’m sad and I want to sit on a bench by the river and reflect.
  • It’s where I go when I want to sit in the Brattle theatre and drink lots of not-so-bad Cambridge Brewery beer and watch Blade Runner (or other stuff).
  • It’s where I fell in love for the first time.

My emotional attachment to Harvard Square is significant. And I will always be very fond of it.

The hustle and bustle:

Want to sit on this bench and make out?Oona’s is a fantastic vintage shop. Its cheap. These aren’t thrifted 90s clothes. They are authentic vintage pieces. And they have beautiful things. I just purchased a $6 Christian Dior scarf. It is also beautiful. I realize you can’t see the name on here, but if you’re interested, its located at 1210 Mass Ave. The place has been recently renovated and the new owner is very nice and very, very young. This is what it looks like on the outside.

If Berry Line or overpriced crepes are your thing, you can enjoy them amidst the glory of Harvard Square’s subtle grace:

Young Love:

The view towards Pamps. Or Cafe Pamplona.

A tree. And bicycles. Which reminds me, I miss my bike.

Thats it. I hope you liked it and I hope you have a good day.

Crayon Hearts. Or Stars. Or Pumpkins Or.

26 Oct

In high school, I started a really elaborate stained glass project. Mine had the most potential. I say this because it was more awesome than any beautiful thing I ever thought I could make. I was stunned at my own vision.

It was a seaside landscape and some of the pieces were teeny tiny. Everyone else decided they wanted to do a stained glass cat or tree or flag or something else that’s dumb. I had an ENTIRE LANDSCAPE.

The problem was that I got sidetracked and I never finished it.

I even went back to school a few days after I had already graduated and I still couldn’t finish it.

Thanks to Martha Stewart, I can rid you all of this same deep seeded self-disappointment with something that kind of looks like stained glass but is infinitely easier to make!

I’m just going to include an instructional video that will outline how

A) Difficult

B) Time-consuming


stained glass projects can be.

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