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15 Nov

I got some soul in me last night.

We went to the Beehive, which, if you haven’t been, please go. It’s in the South End so, its kind of annoying to get to if you don’t like walking or taking multiple trains.

In my dream life, I live in the 60’s, someplace where they have cabaret performances where that doesn’t mean a bunch of drag queens dressed up like a John Waters character trying to bamboozle you. No, in my dream life, I get to get dolled up and make my hair big. Big like my immaculate cat eye liner. With some fancy sequined dress.

Then, I would go to said cabaret place and listen to Dusty Springfield sing “I only wanna be with you” for me and all my friends. Who would be there with me, at separate tables, most likely. Since the tables are only big enough for two, three people max. And therefore, I would be there with a handsome man who 1.) wears a skinny tie 2.) wears nice loafers and 3.) incessantly tells me I’m beautiful and that he can’t wait to marry me and whisk me around the world. On a boat.

So they were playing Jazz at the Beehive which is nice enough and a lot like what they always play there because it’s a jazz place. And I certainly enjoy jazz. It speaks to my attention deficit disorder, which I’m sure I have although I have never explored the issue diagnostically.

We sat all the way at the front since my friend’s dad, a film guy, shmoozes with these guys, it appears, on a somewhat habitual basis, and I got to take video footage of them!

I took some pictures of the guys playing. I loved it! And if you don’t particularly like jazz, just go anyway because I got the best pork I have ever tasted at a restaurant before. Ever. It was stuffed with mushrooms and came with this cranberry stuff. And with an arrugula and green bean salad. I put honey on the pork so I recommend you ask for honey.

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