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14 Nov

I’ve been investing some R&R into this blog, if you’ve noticed the shiny new domain.

For those of you with iPads, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with this image when you save my blog onto your home screen as a button.


Pretty Huh?

I’m almost done with my origami crane curtain.

Here’s a little something something else:

Thanks for reading so far, everyone!


I know it’s Christmas.

25 Dec

In case you forgot

17 Dec

That is… that this song is by Wham.

Which, up until one year ago, I did not know.

I didn’t know who it was, I only knew, and currently know, since I still love this song, too many commas, I know.

I only knew/know that it’s music to my very ears. My heart literally skips a beat when I hear the opening notes.

My god.

Too Many Creeps

13 Dec

Every once in a while, well, I guess this happens a lot, you stumble across something that reminds you of how much you really like something and you haven’t spent any time or energy experiencing said thing to its credit.

I really like Bush Tetras and before a few minutes ago, I haven’t thought about them in years!

1980/1981: Such a magical time. I will never be as cool as they are.

You Always Get Me.

30 Nov

Oragami Flowers

24 Nov

Seems useless. But. If we look past all that, it’s kind of cool looking and I may make one of these wreath things.

My favorite Isreali

23 Nov

I won’t mention Lanvin again, I promise. But isn’t he so charming?

“It wasn’t about Lanvin going lower priced; it was about H&M going to the luxury business,” he insists. “A friend of mind told me that every time she wears a Lanvin dress, a man falls in love with her, and I thought, ‘Wow that’s great.’ And then the day after I told her, ‘I wish actually the next time you wear a Lanvin dress you fall in love with a man.’ And she said, ‘What’s the difference?’ And I said, ‘Active and passive.’ So I like those active women, women in charge. So in any case I hope now that we have so many more dresses of Lanvin many more women will be falling in love and many more women will be fallen in love with.”

I’ll just save up for a real Lanvin to make it really count.

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