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Do poor, desperate losers need love too?

7 Feb

The other day I missed my train because I was having a conversation with a stranger about the universe (basically). More specifically, we started out discussing food stamps and people who abuse the system and end up buying cigarettes and beer with their food stamp money and don’t throw their cigarettes in the trash instead of the floor when they’re done with them.

This last point was of particular frustration for the strange man I was speaking to.

Obviously the easy thing to say here is that those people suck and that it’s too bad they exist and feed off our otherwise sterling society (LOLZ), but if we look closer, the issue becomes far more complicated (obviously). Anyway, in an effort to more diplomatically demonstrate this, I started telling this guy about the movie The Purge which effectively communicates why it’s kind of a bad thing to just say that “abusers of the system” are horrible.

Note, The Purge takes this a step further and, in that fictitious society, it’s pretty much ok to kill them once a year).

It went over pretty well and I drew a few parallels by talking about unemployed people and really anyone that’s being helped by some institutionalized form of support ends up having an internal battle of determination versus complacency and that this is a universal feeling that many people can’t get out of—particularly if they’ve enduring this particular form of internal battle for an extended period of time.

Or if they’re born into the system. For example.

Really, this issue doesn’t have anything to do with these people, or that guy, or my experience the other day, or unemployed people. This is one instance along the vast spectrum of self-actualization. Why be the best person you can be when you are pretty comfortable being pretty good. You know? Why put in the extra work, why search or yearn for the extra dose of motivation to strive for excellence? It’s soooooo much more work. It’s sooooooo hard. Isn’t it?

I don’t know about this part yet. I don’t know if it has to be so hard. It’s probably the kind of thing where your head messes you up and it’s only hard because of how you’re thinking about it, which is the biggest joke. Why is anything hard for anyone? Because they have convinced themselves that it is. Why do people spend their entire lives working in fast food? Or being unemployed? Or never having a job? Or never getting off the couch? Or being on that show “My 600 lb life”?

What the hell is that even about?

It’s because people don’t focus on what’s possible enough.
It’s because people think they’re losers a lot.
It’s because people think about what they believe to be probable too much.
It’s because of a lack of spirit. And years of negative conditioning.

And because striving for excellence is too hard and convincing yourself that you’re worth something special is in fact, quite readily and often, too hard.


The theme is: Vegan

11 Nov

I was having a conversation recently with this girl I’m friends with In Real Life. About being vegans.

Just a couple of vegans (kinda) talking about being vegans.

I’ve thought about this and I don’t think that vegans talk especially extensively about being vegan as humans generally just talk about food a lot. But since being vegan has become so polarized lately, those that fall on the less than favorable reception of vegans notice all the self glorifying talk of greens and sacrifice and martyrdom because they just don’t like the idea of anyone eluding that they are wrong in one of their most basic, most personal choices they can make as humans:

What they eat.

Which is understandable.

And funny because then vegans walk around being all “why is everyone so mean to me” but really it’s because by being vegan you are inadvertently making a statement about the “other”  people who aren’t making such an obvious choice to refrain from meat. Should vegans keep their veganism a secret? Should they not participate in one of the human race‘s greatest fascination of food and what kinds of things to do to it!

Should they not rejoice in the delight of talking to others about what they eat? I will say that I feel vegans do derive joy from sharing a discussion on their food choices with non vegans. But the way I feel about it is, if you have the stamina to maintain such a lifestyle, then you should by all means gloat about it.

Gloat away!

Obviously, treating vegans unfairly would be silly, we are all equals here and all have a right to their opinion. Democracy! Fraternity! Plus vegans need to get over it and the idea that you need other people to agree with your choices just like everybody else. If you want support with your issues, talk to other vegans.

You can’t change anyone’s mind with self-righteousness.

We came up with a list of things that prove we (as vegans (or aspiring vegans <–that one’s me) ) are right and others (devil meat eaters who are basically bad people) are wrong. Just in case some people out there are unclear, here it is:

1. It’s like those people that say the Holocaust never happened!

Seriously how many findings and long, arduous nutritional studies and experiments need to come out that confirm most of our known lifestyle diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, the other one’s I don’t remember the name of… ) are perpetuated by consumption of processed and animal products before the general human population will actually believe that they are saying the truth and aren’t just neo-food-nazi propaganda fascist LIARS that are creating untrue stories for the benefit of sickly self-righteous deluded vegans.

These findings are real, truthful and sincere. It isn’t a farce. It isn’t made up. Where do I get protein from? Everywhere else. I could eat a leaf from a tree in the common and get protein from it (I don’t actually know if that’s true). Are we done with that question forever yet? Calcium? Do you even understand how many things have calcium in them? So many things have calcium in them… how much milk do you even drink?

2. It’s like those people that are like “I’m going to bikram yoga tomorrow! JKJKJKJKJK….”

Then there’s those out there that do recognize that these findings are true and this isn’t a huge ploy like that Al Gore guy who keeps talking about the planet MELTING?! (wtf right?)

… which actually narrows it down quite a bit: People who looooove being healthy but are addicted to opiates cheese (the whole cheese being addictive thing affects a lot of people… most of them think that’s a lie too) so they keep trying to be vegan but fail because their desires for animal products are too strong to battle their laziness and lack or originality/planning (I live in this category when I’m not being “vegan”. Or they haven’t read Skinny Bitch yet.

I have.

3. This is secretly the most important factor, don’t let number ranking fool you.

I don’t know that people really understand the benefits: You will look younger. That means you don’t need to save for plastic surgery when you’re rich and old! Your skin’s elasticity greatly improves. Basically every part of your physiology gets healthier (that’s why it cures all those deceases we mentioned in #1. Duh.).

Oh yeah. Being vegan makes you thin…

4. Death and Destruction.

The animals suffering thing… is kind of a factor. Considering how messed up that gets. Basically the cruelty rivals the treatment feuding African war torn nations inflect on each other. Which is pretty bad, in general. Actually, I would say it’s a combination of that and the Holocaust (again with the Holocaust…). It’s basically a dysfunctional, unsustainable, endlessly destructive tornado of suffering, chaos and inhumanity. Since we are doing these things to animals, I think people feel like it doesn’t count. But if you’re severing limbs, genitally mutilating and sexually mistreating (in the billions), does whether you do it to an animal or a person matter?

No. The answer is no.

And that’s because doing these things is fucked up in general.

And I mean I get it. I really do.

Who wants to worry about the animals? That’s heavy. Let’s not. I don’t want to think about the sad stories about animals suffering just like I don’t really want to talk about the horrors of Africa or Typhoon Haiyan or all the other things that are going on in the world that have nothing to do with me in any way because we aren’t all connected at all and my decisions don’t affect a global scale because I am so small and the world is so big! What butterfly flapped it’s wings where?

I didn’t feel a thing.

Friends not food. 

Only the unloved hate. A story about parking in downtown Boston. And more.

26 Sep

Yesterday took a toll on me, as I found myself victim to scheduling setbacks, miscommunications and emotional let downs—my mood found itself compromised with each passing moment. And it was a moment to moment thing—each giving into the surge of pandemonium that was collecting. Yes pandemonium. And hate.

I usually have no problems finding parking downtown, I always find a spot and it’s usually convenient. Sometimes there are inconvenient isolated events, but of course, yesterday there weren’t any parking spaces. There were spaces that cars had just parked into, plenty of people putting change in their meters and plenty of people sitting in their cars mouthing “No I’m not leaving” to me as I glared at them through the window inquiring when they were going to get the HELL OUT. Nicely. Obviously.

I kept trying to tell myself this was happening because I allowed myself to get into a bad mood and I couldn’t get myself out of it. I needed to find the kingdom of god and find salvation!

Which brings me to this invigorating Charlie Chaplin speech in The Great Dictator. If you’re having trouble making the connection, you’ll need to listen to the entire speech and make observations on your own time.

But here’s a quotation to rile your interest!

“Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. The airplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men; cries out for universal brotherhood; for the unity of us all!”

Antidisestablishmentarianism, 2KOOL4SKOOL

24 Jul

When I went to college for the first time, I was sorely—dramatically disappointed. In everything—the system, the professors, the infrastructure, the people that went. It was very difficult to make friends because I was full of hate—something I thought was very unfair at the time. It was pandemonium.

The thing is, I couldn’t have been more delighted to go and embark on a profound mental journey. A magical place where merit and intellect served as hooks for latching onto the weave of substantive learning was exactly what I wanted to attract into my life and eventually I did, but not before a demoralizing search riddled with failed attempts at connecting more intimately with professors.

Wink wink. JkJk.

But seriously. I didn’t really want the college experience. I had lots of friends already, I hated beer pong and everything that came with it; I didn’t need someone to hold my hand, I needed someone to light me up. I spent a great deal of effort fighting with the administration over various annoyances that only seemed to waste time: parking, off campus/on campus, study abroad, taking classes without pre-requisites. Then there’s the one time I was unjustly accused of plagiarism.

Made me go ballistic.

 In a world where colleges don’t make money and students only go to college for the joy of learning (and not because it’s what you do), I would have gotten exactly what I was seeking—and without a moment’s hesitation. I wouldn’t have had to fight through countless disengaged professors to find the few diamonds in the rough (that are now destined to know me forever).

 But more importantly: I could have cultivated an environment that would have worked to enhance my contributions to society, not stifle them.  All’s not lost of course, it was still years of my life that went on and I still learned stuff… and yet I think… why does it have to be such a fight.


 Keeping with the vagabond theme of today, I think you’ll appreciate this video. If you can manage to listen to a 33 minute video that’s more of a recording…

I think you should.

Sabbatical & Boston Marathon 2013

15 Apr


I’m sorry, I know you must have missed me. I’m assuming.

I don’t have any answers, just excuses. Most of which I tell myself and friends that remember to ask about why I’ve stopped writing in this. But the thing about things like this is writing everyday or a couple times a week or whatever is nice for the brain, and I’ve been letting mine atrophy.

Plus I kind of liked the idea of beginning again a year after I stopped, just to be ceremonial about it. Maybe I’ll be able to see the life experience show between the words. The wisdom and growth acquired during the past year has certainly led me closer


to my sage-like destiny (probably) and I’m happy to continue making observations about my corner of the world. And my gray hairs, I’ve found two. Again, it’s the wisdom, it’s physical manifestation is unnerving. Is there such a thing as getting too wise too quick?

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge my past follies in expressing distaste for runners, because I just finished reading my last post and I’ve been influenced by today’s events downtown at the marathon. I’m okay with runners. Seriously, do your thing guys. My knees can’t handle that kind of pressure, but that doesn’t mean I have to bring everyone else down, and I know that.

The nice thing about mass tragedy and disaster is how people come together in the face of turmoil to support and extend their love to one another. Seriously, truth.I got so many nice messages from friends making sure I was ok and I felt real concern for everyone I knew was downtown. Obviously opening the discussion to the downside of everything that happened today is too perturbing and savage to even attempt (plus my writing isn’t good enough for that kind of sentiment), so I’ll let that go because basically all anyone really can say about it is that it sucks and it’s really sad.

Thanks for reading!

And remember:

1. I like runners.

2. You don’t have to miss me anymore.

3. The sun will come out tomorrow!

Love you.


End of ze world?

14 Sep

I’ve been getting frustrated with the media. I use the term loosely of course, the “media” is every venue which preaches any “world is coming to an end” horror story. I have become incredibly optimistic about the future. Reasons for this:

1. Non financial companies are doing quite well. Just as any person would, they kept a nice chunk of cash that they were sitting on to prepare for then worst of times–almost two trillion worth…they were anticipating world demolition and it didn’t happen, and no one wants to to sit on idle money because idle money doesn’t grow. I don’t even want to think about how much money apple is sitting in right now.

2. Active money has a chance of growing, so what they want to do is work their money somehow. They want to invest it. In another company, in a child company, in a newer idea, in a better idea, whatever. I believe in innovation because it happens every day. How many people are buying tablets? How many more people are buying smartphones, apps, e-books, 3d printers?? There may not be that many buying 3d printers, but maybe next year there will! What new things will we have next year? Thousands. Who is going to make them? Design them? Formulate a network of people to execute them?

3. Stocks are being bought back. They’re starting to because it’s beaming somewhat clear there has been speculative manipulation. I guess all speculation is a manipulation, but, anyhow, stock prices are low. They’re low because people are too scared to buy stocks, they’re too scared to because they have thousands of inputs daily telling them not to. Or at least telling them that if they do, they may not see that money again because in the future, money won’t exist. We will return to bartering in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

4. Also, companies realized that they can do a lot more with less employees now, they’ve actually experienced growth! Profits! Salary packages are getting competitive so instead of hiring people just because they went to college, they take their potential investments (you, me) out for a test drive. Temp to perm jobs have risen, as they should. I had the pleasure of being on a college campus recently, dropping my brother off for his first semester of freshman year. It’s scary. Why? A lot of people go to college. And not everyone is as smart or useful as they think they are. Fact.

5. Also? QE2. Stimulus money… Or credit…I’ve been hearing a lot about it ending and how it hasn’t done much. Well yeah because an economic stimulus isn’t magic. It doesn’t just happen. There’s a lag time because like everything, it has to go through it’s own natural funneling system. Theres a 6-12 month lag time. Thats $600 billion. It’s a lot of money! It was introduced November of last year, therefore we are just now starting to see it’s effects beginning. I’m including a timeline for your convenience. It’s $600 billion but it isn’t… It’s a lot more than that because of the multiplier effect. That $600 billion will be brought in, then people, the economy, will take that 600 and use it again, and again, and again. The multiplier effect reaches as high as 8-10 times the original amount. That’s a life jolt right into our world… Quite literally.

It’s all very exciting.


Selina Kyle? Catwoman? Anne Hathaway? Christopher Nolan?

11 Sep


I have concerns for the new batman movie.

Mostly my concern is that it will be awful and that Anne Hathaway is a terrible choice for Catwoman. Does anyone even REMEMBER Michelle Pfeiffer? How can Hathaway ever fill those shoes? She may have been a great, vapid White Queen in Alice in Wonderland, but considering the talent she had to match for that film, I may venture as far as to say she was the best part of Alice!

But this is sacrilege.

Look at this photo of her on set as a totally conspicuous Selina Kyle!


In comparison with:


There is so much that I love about Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. Look at this nerdy Selina Kyle. She is a woman that has completely lost her self, her power. She is dying to unleash! Of course she’ll go on to fashion a leathery concoction in which to house her body and torment her male counterparts with! The woman looks desperate! Plus, she’s beautiful!

Now go look at Anne Hathaway again. There is nothing. Nothing.

And I’ll remark only briefly on Halle Berry: I wish that film had never been made.

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