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Enter the Fog God Neptune:

23 Dec









The majesty of a foggy day. Everything is elusive, unclear and soft. I can always rely on the enjoyment I derive from such days, a happy byproduct of severe fluctuations in temperature. Or whatever reason the scientists have come up with to explain fog; its presence is as mysterious as its effects.

Since I’m currently battling the negative externalities of nesting season, choosing to capture the beauty of the world around me proved an effective emotional pacifier. And yes, I know it’s the holidays. People who date each other want to do things like nap and other indoor activities. People who don’t date anyone also want to stay in and nap. And watch movies.

Or whatever.

And it’s not like I hate inside time, I just mostly dislike it because it’s usually not as awesome as outside time.

Spending too much time indoors makes me feel like a wild animal. I already spend tons of time indoors at work all day. I have a need to be expressive. Outside. Also, I got snow boots this year, which has really revolutionized my outdoor winter experience. Maybe the people of Boston need to prioritize getting winter boots and an appropriate winter puffy jacket?

Anyway look at more photos of cool buildings. I’ve been taking lots of pictures of my environment lately. How can you not when the world is so beautiful? Plus taking pictures and walking around aimlessly is a great distraction from…


I’ll get over it eventually.












17 Dec

Oh boy.

Am I excited for the holiday season this year. In many respects, this is a recessionary time for me, and probably many others.

A time when we zero in on the important, intimate, beautiful parts of life and enjoy them in exquisite solitude.

The way I’ve chosen to express this phenomenon is in photographic form. With photos of snowflakes!

I didn’t actually know snowflakes were visible with the naked eye. I thought you needed some sort of microscopic lens. My whole life. Until now.

Together, with regular sight and the magic of iSight, I was able to use technological advancement to capture these elusive yet plentiful gems. Observe:









Colors colors everywhere!

7 Nov

I’ve been loving my new camera lately.

Thank you.

Gods of iPhone in your wonder and glory.

Let’s see how this WordPress app works!

Is it just me, or are beautiful sunsets, lights and water wonderlands following me?

What do they want with me?










Death is all around us.

23 Oct

The garden is dying.

Have you ever had a salad made up, primarily, of tomatoes grown in your very own private garden? What about grapes, peppers, cucumbers (which actually didn’t fare well this year), spring unions, UNICORNS (that was just a little joke)


It’s taken me some time to really prepare emotionally for the coming of winter. And seeing the death and decay around me really brings it home.

Check it out!

Also, this has a lot to do with the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac which has an unsavory expectation for our impending DOOM winter.

Extra snow. Extra cold.


The only thing there is to do is get excited about Winter. And snow suits. Which I don’t think I can wear to work.

I mean I probably can…

It’s like they say, you know, don’t be sad it’s ending but be glad it happened.


One thing fall will bring which is extra awesome is a new phone that doesn’t whitewash breathtakingly beautiful pictures of things the second there’s natural light.  Apple thinks it’s cool to tell me I’ll get the thing I paid a lot of money for “sometime in October”, which means I’m taking it and patiently waiting because there’s no winning in the world of cell phones, service and features that are supposed to make your life easier.

If you’re considering going windows on all your technology like I did in one fell swoop, I would suggest reconsidering. That’s a strange phrase, “one fell swoop”–stranger than windows creating a phone that doesn’t take screen shots and DOES ruin all your pictures for no reason.

These ones didn’t come out too bad though.

High quality pictures of things to come!

Also you should really consider getting the Farmers Almanac. You know: get back to nature.  “Unplug and Tune In”. I’m pretty sure that’s something people are starting to say these days. Also, they didn’t pay me to say this. They don’t even know who I am. But I know who they are, and I fully endorse their excellent, witty, endlessly entertaining and informative publication, which you can get a taste of by going on their website.

 “A WHOLE YEAR of forecasts?!”



24 Nov


I’ve made a few Thanksgiving contributions for good measure. With as many invisible layers of love as I could fit. Roasted acorn squash, chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies, and cake! Strawberry, with sprinkles and multiple layers. Two.

Also this is an appropriate time to thank people who read this blog. Out of the trillions of pieces of information available readily to us on the web, some of you read this! Which is so very nice. This is also a good time to let those of you that are local know that there’s going to be a theatre production at Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont St. during April 1-8, 2012 called Boston BlogoLogues. Featuring Formula 457! It’ll be a series of vignettes (8-12) and one of them is going to be one of my posts!

What started as a hobby, an escape from drudgery and a need to celebrate all things pretty and nice (and sometimes vile and unpleasant); has blossomed into something that now has a life of its own. Our one year was actually at the end of October, but I think Thanksgiving will be my official year-end mark. I hope there will be many more eventful years to come! I’m very thankful for the attention that this Blog has gotten.

I’m also thankful for my friends and family, who are so very reliable, nurturing and exciting people–all of them. Their vitality and enthusiasm help shape me everyday and I’m lucky to have you, new and old. Please know I review this sentiment often and I’m grateful for every memory. Every person I may call a friend embodies what I perceive to be most beautiful about human nature. Thanks for a very funny, entertaining, loving, exciting, adventurous and fruitful year!

You may dry your tears now.

The results:

Cookies. I’m essentially an expert at making them now.


I got these rubber cake holders from Ikea. Scary when you hold them in your hands and behold how …rubbery they are. But they do hold their own in 350 degree temperatures.






In case you want to make them too: Cut the acorn squash into quarters, put butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, black pepper, nutmeg and a single clove on each quarter. Put in oven for 40 minutes or until your fork sinks into the flesh with minimal trying. I loaded the butter on these a bit too much methinks…


If you’ll notice the pools of butter that have collected in the valleys of each quarter…


Happy Thanksgiving!!


Zebra Tea Time

21 Nov



You really have to treat yourself every once in a while. Money’s only good for so much, and, really, paying for an experience is a gift– a privilege that isn’t bestowed on as many as you might think. One of my friends took me to tea at Upstairs on the Square. I had never been before, it felt like being inside Alice’s Wonderland.


I’ve found a blog that’s gone out and rated places that are open for tea. They gave Upstairs on the Square a 90%. As did I. I’ll always knock off ten percent points for not having macaroons. I don’t see what the big deal is. I know they aren’t necessarily easy to make, but they’re never around. I’m in the midst of a confectionery dream, sitting on a firm, stuffed pastel purple suede booth–next to a three tiered silver platter–anticipating macaroons. There were little finger sandwiches, profiteroles, tarts, scones and cakes. Everything but macaroons. Why.

The Taj reigns supreme– the only other establishment to beat out Upstairs on the Square–with 96%.




Next up: The Taj. Then the Athenaeum. Then Novel Cafe at BPL. Julien Lounge at Langham hotel has flower teas that open up in hot water just like in that scene from Marie Antoinette! L’Espalier has tuna profiteroles in the shape of a swan! From what I understand, none serve macaroons.

I shall call it “Autumn 2011” or “Yes, More Pictures of Fall, There’s No Such Thing as ‘Enough'”

13 Nov

I’ve missed most of our fall season, which I’ve long avoided accepting as my favorite season, due to travel. It is my favorite, in my heart, but I dread the daily cold-winded reminder of winter’s inevitability. This is often accompanied with the gut twisting thought of battling large, trash laden, condensed city snow banks. And the fear of slipping and falling on black ice. Eventually.

I can’t remember falling on ice. Two possible reasons for this: First, I’ve been lucky and haven’t fallen, ever. This surely can’t be true. Second, I’ve wiped out any memory of falling publicly. This one seems more likely. It definitely didn’t happen last year– any year now, it’ll happen. I’m positive. Maybe this year.

I guess I’ll be fine with it if it happens. It does happen. To all people–falling is an equalizer.

The suspense is what kills me, really. When? When.

I digress. My photographer friend gave me a few lesson tidbits to refine my photographic composition. Though I received his advice after I had already taken most of the pictures.

Here are a few modest examples of me trying to capture fall’s grace:


This one (above) took some finesse. I almost fell off a tree branch for this.












This one is a photo of a photo my photographer friend was about to take with an actual old-timey camera. This image will one day be developed. On film. If we just jog our memories to a time when this was done regularly… Although, to be fair, this particular way (illustrated below) of making photographs was popular before my parents were conceived.


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