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31 Oct

I love Halloween.

This year I dressed up as a deer because my team at work dressed up like Buckhunter and we all had to match. Luckily this year it was pretty nice outside. Unlike that one Halloween where we had a snowstorm, which was cool.

But not conducive to Halloweening.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a batman onesie so I’ll probably wear that if anyone invites me to any halloween parties.

(In addition to wearing it every day for the rest of my life).

We so rarely get opportunities to let our creative side come through-plus it’s always nice to see what people come up with. I so admired the people around me for their fearlessness, their excitement and zeal! Not to mention the dedication that comes with coming to work hung over (probably)  after a Red Sox world series win (even I went out for that) and still, eveyone found time to put into their personalized, beatific creations.

We had to vote for best costume. (Obviously, since I work in a corporate office and everything is made into a championship)

I voted for myself.

deer lolz

a deer lolz

Plus I mean.

I brought fancy hair spray with golden glitter to make my hair more deer-like, I followed an elaborate Pinterest tutorial, and bought tights and a little girls angel costume which I dismantled to create a polka dotted skirt which I embellished with dots I cut out of white paper and super glued. I also got a lot of superglue on my fingers.

On my flesh.

And bedroom floor.

It’s totally fine if I vote for myself.

I’m having a few hang ups about voting for myself, but it will pass.


BOOM. Dolce. Life Advice. (Not from me, don’t worry)

24 Sep

I came across an article by Refinery 29 and, since our blog names match, I decided to perpetuate the idea of old versus new in this most inspiring story of an older woman who was approached for a modeling career because she’s a fantastically aged specimen of a human:

When you were in the R29 office, a few women said they hoped to age as gracefully as you have. So, what’s your secret?

“Everyone wants to know that life gets better and not worse. We would like to know we get better as time goes by. And, we can. I have come to the full realization that all of life is fun, adventurous, challenging — not just the first 30 years. I have thrown out the old paradigm of life looking like a mountain, with an imaginary peak they call the ‘prime of life.’ There is no such thing. Every second of your life is the prime of your life. Right now. And now. If you take care of your body and live for pleasure rather than success, (which lowers the stress in your body and mind) and learn to trust the universe, you will carry yourself with ease and joy.

I do not accept my age — I celebrate it! I wear my wrinkles, silver hair, and age spots as medals of honor. Life and beauty is all what you make it. That is what attractiveness and aging gracefully is all about. Enjoy it!”

Highlighting points I would like to mention:

This isn’t one we haven’t heard before, but still: “Being attractive is about how you feel and your attitude, not how you look.”

On Makeup: “I believe if we wear beauty products for fun, rather than fear, we are on the right track.”

On Greys (NOT ALIENS): “At 43, I was silver all around my face. I was not comfortable with it and covered it against the wishes of my then-boyfriend, 16 years my junior, and my kids. After six years, I realized I was covering what I was celebrating: my age! So, I threw out the bottle of dye and went silver. The day I chopped off the last bit of dye, I was approached to model!” (FOR DOLCE & GABBANA)

On Face: “A Thai dermatologist said, ‘do not wash your face unless you must, and only at night before bedtime.’ Been doing it ever since!”

On Girl Life Hack: “It’s all the same conversation. Remember, you are in the driver’s seat of your life. It is what youmake it, and what you think of it. You make the judgment calls — no one else does. If you are living according to what others think, you will never be truly confident or happy. And, if you live only for success, you will burn yourself out. If you go for success, pleasure is 50-50. If you go for pleasure, success is guaranteed. I believe we were built for pleasure. That is our nature, as women.”

HEYOOOO. No but isn’t that inspiring?

I mean. Right?

Also she has started a line of beauty products which i would be more than HAPPY to promote in my very modest blog:  BOOM

Fashion Week & Girl Power!

18 Sep

As I ponder the various fashion weeks that are going on during fashion month as I’m sifting through my various—too many, too heavy, large, over-sized September issues—fashion magazines trying to draw inspiration for my dream boards (mostly), I find myself thinking more about how so many women (and gays) are dealing with sharing constricted spaces.

I wonder if the experience is happy, I know fashion weeks are filled with people that are either thrilled to be there or burdened by being there, but independent of this, is anyone actually having any fun?

Why wouldn’t it be fun right? What unfathomable, unsuspecting, strange, irrational, unnatural, problematic, highly concerning issue could it be to prevent any of these people from enjoying themselves during such an uplifting, happy time? The frenetic, buzzy energy of New York or London or wherever is probably infectious, I’m sure it’s enough to send your spirits soaring into a paradise of fabrics, prints and cuts representing physical forms of dreams and fantasy. RIGHT? Because that’s what fashion week is: the cathartic, orgasmic culmination of tired work nights, blood, sweat, tears (and business). Again, what could distract from this? What could take it all away in an instant?


Realistically speaking, fashion week has nothing to do with this since I can think of lots of profoundly beautiful life events that can be ruined altogether at the fault of bitch weakness. More specifically: women being cruel to each other.  I once had a boss tell me that female clients would hate me right off the bat, almost always, and she curtly offered the advice of not wearing makeup and putting my hair up in an ugly bun when I plan to meet with a woman because it would “put them at ease” because that’s what she does and it works for her.

So just to ensure my point is made as succinctly as possible, I’m going to try to make some declarative statements:

  • Women are insecure a lot
  • Maybe more than men?
  • Probably. That seems right. But I’m not a man, and someone somewhere might one day get all “um statistically speaking BLALBBLABLA” and I’m not doing this to attract fact based counterarguments so LET ME stick to my generalization.
  • They’re insecure because they:feel like losers
  • think they’re not cool or smart or funny
  • think they’re fat almost always
  • beat themselves up over things they do that they feel support the above claims
  • hate themselves and are mean to themselves in the privacy of their own thoughts
  • had a bad experience once or twice in the past where someone (anyone) convinced them one or all of these things are true and they can’t let it go

Also, obviously, tons of people might think “Nope. I know I’m not (actually) fat, I’m pretty hilarious, stunning, ingenious… I’m a total catch… Anyone who doesn’t think so is out of their minds” but if you peel back the self delusional “fake it till you make it” silent desperation that plagues so many people today that consciously believe this is true and arrive to the cold abyss of darkness and despair (among other, happier companions I’m sure) that is the subconscious and really take a look into what’s actually happening, we would find that people are motivated by fear and a constant (though ill executed) search for acceptance and love.

This is what goes on in the internal dialogue when meeting a fellow female:

  • Is she prettier/smarter/more put together/more successful than me?
  • If so, does this mean she’s better than me?
  • If she is better than me, does this mean she will take all the goodness and love and wonderment of life AWAY FROM ME FOREVER?

This frame of mind used to affect me quite a bit during my development and I’m sure it still does to an extent though I’ve come to realize it’s nonsense. I’ve been on a self love kick and luckily so have many of my close girl friends and the infusion of this type of feel good energy makes it possible to step out of the aforementioned paradigm and actually like other women. Through my conversations with my various enlightened friends, I’ve come to understand this viewpoint is universal and I see evidence of it when I meet new females during the course of my days.

Interestingly, focusing on yourself and thinking about how awesome you are actually makes you hate other women less!

Men have a brotherhood and they are, more often than not, able to acknowledge each other as potential friends first, unless something goes horribly wrong,  but this camaraderie rarely exists in girl world. There’s no such thing as a universal sisterhood for females. We are constantly bombarded with conflicting information and feelings that make it impossible to step outside of the confines they create, which makes girls have their guard up always. Usually this means, when approaching another female, you have to either downplay your strengths (to avoid negative attention from them) or completely dominate the interaction entirely… with loving kindness.

It’s kind of like in Avatar when the avatars have to fight those dragon things before they become besties forever.

What delicate creatures we are.

Now I will provide some helpful aids which I hope will be heavily considered:

  • If you’re a girl and you meet another girl, be nice to her.
  • This doesn’t mean mask your inner hatred for fake niceness. This means actually acknowledge the person that is in front of you and find a source of love to draw from and express that. For realsies.
  • Compliment them if you like something.
  • Ask them questions if you have questions (which you should—they’re a new person in your life that you know nothing about.)
  • Recognize the universality of human interaction, we all share the same feelings and it’s theorized that we are all the same person in different forms and expressions. You don’t necessarily have to believe this but you can believe that we all have a lot more in common than we think.

There’s so much more to say about this, but for now I guess it suffices to say that’s very important to be nicer to other people and to yourself so that you can be happier in general!



7 Feb

I’ve loved Yelle for some time. It’s fun music.

I wish I could intimately understand what she’s saying. I think I can recognize one out of every ten words. And whatever I recognize probably doesnt mean what I think it does.

Also I wish I could wear those black shorts. And have them look like they do on her…


Oh my gosh the pretty!!

5 Feb

Daria Strokous & Kati Nescher photographed by Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Honestly, this is something that i think is so funny. Gay men love women. What it means to be feminine, fleeting, whimsical. They understand women, and leave it to one of the greatest gays to sing to the loveliness of the girl-woman!

Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton Spring Summer line was debuted on a ring a round carousel of pretty; telling, I suppose, of the fashion world itself. This has been happening lately, this hyperbolic depiction of femininity–think back to Prada, Rodarte, Marchesa, even Victor & Rolf, severe as they are, have been drifting towards super sweet girly. This time, Louis Vuitton has eyelet, pastel pinks, purples, yellow, blues and greens… billowing bouffant skirts, big buttons, fun collars and delightfully stunning heels to match.

Sometimes I wonder, how can you not love this world? Charming as it is, it reinvents the various archetypical depictions we hold truest of the feminine spirit. It changes every season, even within the season, the various garbs speak to varying strings within this spirit. It is something that’s constantly reinvented; so many creative minds work season after season to keep doing it, to keep trying to achieve the highest truth of this depiction. I shouldn’t even just say feminine as the masculine bleeds in, and while it looks like the feminine depiction of the spirit, is it just that? Does it have to have a sexual orientation? Is that even really that important?

I think it might be more. Collectively, all who contribute, come together every season to try and achieve an honest representation of the Spirit that at once challenges and embraces the connotations of it’s limitation.

But maybe I’m over thinking it.


Harajuku Mini!

15 Nov



I love Gwen Stefani– I didn’t think it was possible to love her more. What a great time to have a 3-9 year old. Obviously, I don’t. But if I did, I would buy all of this:







Stefani started in 2003 with L.A.M.B., followed up by her Japanese-inspired Harajuku Lovers line in 2005. Last year she expanded her Harajuku Lovers line to our most beloved Target, and this year she’s taking it one step further introducing Harajuku Mini for all fashionable toddlers!

The line launched the day before yesterday, November 13th, 2011, and they’ll roll out a fresh new line again in January, 2012. The new collection is targeted toward babies, children and tweenagers.

I love the commercial even more!

Color Colour Dolour

31 Oct

The day is November 19th.

Which isn’t very far away from today. And truthfully, I loved Lanvin… But that’s only because I love Lanvin… Versace I’m just okay with. I like it, I’m happy it exists; I’m just not a gold chains, neon, sunbathing kind of girl. I’m happy to do it every now and then just to keep my hand in the fun, but it doesn’t speak to my soul.

Which is the source of my surprise in regards to Versace’s H&M collection. I LOVE the Versace H&M collection. It doesn’t look as (sorry) cheap as Lanvin looked (and felt). And it’s such such fun!

And fellas?? Do you see? Do you see the options the Versace collection has in store for you too?















Thank you, Donatella.

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