New Years Baby

So firstly, what I’ve been talking about incessantly lately, is how this year is a three year.

Because I need a party year.

A celebration of life year!


Plus I mean it kind of makes sense. 2017 was a one year. The one year when we realized how crazy and intense this is all going to be. Politically and otherwise really.

2018 is a two year. Polarity, separation, otherness.

But three!

Three is a group! 😀

I don’t know. Maybe it’s all fake. Maybe it is my projection.

But ultimately.

I am very entitled to some form of denial. After all what is denial? A denial of present reality. An unwillingness to accept what is. Isn’t this how things change anyway? You’re like NO and then you sort of change it I guess. Over time. THROUGH REVOLUTION!

Or something less intense.


And maybe that time is now approaching! I believe there are enough people on the planet, in the country, to help support the rise of a light, abundant, sweet, joyous energy of love to all beings. In whatever way makes most sense. In whatever area you want to examine. Plus if all these people are mad at immigrants, minorities, women, etc. instead of examining a system that relies on the oppression and suffering of a variety of marginalized groups….. then…. isn’t that just kind of selfish and mean?

Just overall. It is mean spirited. It’s like

meh no. I don’t want to help you because I just don’t feel like you’re worthy of my help. After all you are doing great! If anything you are taking away whats MINE! Mah!!!!!!

Like that just sounds like a 4 year old that’s having a tantrum. It’s mean in the way that little kids can be mean.



Anyway. I don’t know. I think there are enough grown ups among us to help steer us along. And the opposition and resistance do help. It makes people feel hopeful because this isn’t just about who will be president next but: what kind of a people do we want to be? Do we want to be selfish little fucks that create chaos and negativity for people in a whole world of ways?

Or do we want to be beautiful, collaborative, generous, strong, assured and happy? We live in the wealthiest nation in the entire world. Surely we can be an example to the world of what a civilized, evolved society looks like.




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