Sacred Fem-Masc


So I’m liking that the conversation around gender has been an ongoing subject for a lot of people lately. Depending on which circles you navigate through, some of the things that come up a lot are around the sacred feminine or sacred masculine and I just love what these ideas embody. Depending on which brand of spirituality or new age-isms you follow you’ve probably come heard of these terms talked about pretty nebulously so I wanted to go into it a little:

Central to these polarities, the general message is that every person has both channels present in them, the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine and we can draw from the power of these idealized concepts to nourish our own sense of power.

Which I am super into!


Generally I don’t like the idea that men or women need to feed their victimization by feeding into the factors that are creating it. I think we should honor those factors, but I find when I over-identify with why something might not be going my way I just become more and more angry.

Which gets in the way and dis-empowers me.

Blending the two is a way to recognize your own divinity and how it plays with your creativity, abundance, sense of being and ultimately whatever concept of self actualization and self transcendence you believe in.

We associate things like creation, divergence, intuition, community, sensuality, and collaboration with the divine feminine. The receiving function. The allowing function. The part of us that conceptualizes and calls in some new change or energy into our lives.

The divine masculine, in comparison, is the assertive, boundary setting, action oriented, confident, reasoning, convergent other side of the coin.


Thinking of it as two sides of a whole is helpful because we all need to connect with both and we see the shadow aspects of both. Sexism is often rooted in the shadow expression of the divine feminine. Toxic masculinity is rooted in the shadow expression of the divine masculine. Recognizing the exultation of both these polarities brings back a lot of the dignity that’s lost to us all through the effects of sexism and toxic masculinity and based on our conditioning.

We can see clearly that women would benefit to take on these traditionally labeled “masculine” qualities as their own in order to regain balance and more clear expression. The same is true for men in searching and meditating on their sacred feminine and how they can embody those more traditionally labeled “feminine” aspects in a constructive and salvaging way.

The oneness of it all is very beautiful.


It’s what can take us closer to one less man being called a pussy for being afraid, and one less woman being called a bitch for asserting her authority.

And maybe gender reveal parties can finally stop being a thing.


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