Age of Innocence


I think a lot of people grow into adults believing things like:

If you wana make it in this world you gotta be tough!

Money doesn’t grow on trees!


Take your head out of the clouds!

We learn hardness over and over again.

We’re hard on ourselves.

On others.

And it makes me so sad! It doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not. The only thing that’s expected is that you believe this lie.

This lie that makes life so hard. I didn’t even realize this was a lie for so long but it is!


The lie is: you should think you know what you’re doing, you should think you have to work hard, grind yourself to the bone to get things done. You shouldn’t think of what’s possible. You should wake up and look at the now!

What is!

Only this is real!

And also you should be very serious about it because life is SERIOUS and only serious people have a seriously choice life.


I get it. SCIENCE. But I also think it’s really disappointingly unimaginative. By this logic, I would still be working at my first job: Dunkin Donuts.

I think we need to bring back the energies of innocence, play, joy, curiosity. I think these are the only qualities truly valuable to hone in on. I think everything else comes after. You can learn skills, much more easily when you’re curious and playful about it. You can apply yourself and commit yourself to worthwhile tasks precisely when you are most excited about them. You can carry a sense of responsibility about something important and meaningful. Almost effortlessly.

If you feel a sense of joy associated with it.

Everything else is garbage.

This glorified grit. This bone breaking dedication. To things you don’t enjoy but think you should?

It’s psychological torture.


People don’t dream because they are afraid to. They had dreams once and it didn’t work out. Those that dream have to fight through the pain of loss or failure every time they do dream, because in order to have a dream, you have to believe on some level it could work out for you. If you don’t even have a glimmer of hope, you settle on being practical. Being a solid THINKER of what is now. You must close your mind and settle on being a purveyor of boring cliches of whatever reality your “now” consists of.

How you can reasonably experience some release from your dreamless state? There are more non dreamers there are dreamers these days. That’s why rational thought is revered. Dreamers are made fun of by people that stopped dreaming long ago.


But dreamers are brave! They see what is and they see how they can improve it. Why shouldn’t we? We are galaxies. Ever expanding forward, greater over time. Why shouldn’t my top priority be: How can I improve my life, my loved ones’ lives, and the world at large? Isn’t the fun of life the variety, the experimentation, the happy accidents and small miracle coincidences we find by happenstance?


Since all those rationalists are going to think you’re crazy, silly, whimsical, unfettered! Unreasonable! If you’re going to be a dreamer it helps to be:





You’ll need it to fend off all that “practical” wrist cutting everyone is going to overbearingly demand of you.

May the force be with you!



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