Racists & Hate & Freedom



The thing about racism is it almost always isn’t just racism is it? Part of what is so difficult about being just ALIVE right now is you’re sort of witnessing how people measure in this weird social issue yardstick. Like ok, you’re not down with black and brown people, what about women! What about foreigners! What about gays? Jews? Trans?

It’s like there’s this super weird silently agreed upon club of people that are basically anti anything that isn’t a fabricated version of what a family should be, what a boss should be, what a doctor should be, what an immigrant should be.


If you don’t silently hate the spouse you’re in a sexless marriage with and quietly resent your 2.4 kids as you drive them all to their various child activities to impress all the frenemies in your life are you even LIVING?

It really feels like there are two worlds.

One world is inclusive. It believes in science. It believes that we humans are destroying the planet and our well being along with it. It believes women are equal to men (and basically every other living thing by sheer virtue of, again, being alive and gracing this great planet with breath and goals and DREAMS), that children, partners, lovers, friends are to be respected and not just controlled and overpowered. That everyone has a voice. That our diversity is our strength. That our pain is almost always shared because we are one race, trying to figure out how to stay alive (and dare I even say thrive?) in this life.

original (1)

WHY this concept is so difficult for people to accept is honestly beyond me. Like I honestly don’t have the audacity to tell someone else not to get an abortion or have a sex change operation. Like those aren’t my genitals. It’s literally not my place!

And yet. Here we are. In this scary zombie field of brainless heartless beings determined to restrict the rights of literally every deviation of humanity. It’s perplexing and amazing and at the heart of it all I can’t help but thing the root, the battle cry is:


You don’t get to be different

If you insist on being different

I will punish you

Because I didn’t get to be different

I did the things society told me to do

I bound myself with expectation and duty

And you must too.

Why should you get a pass when I didn’t?

giphy (1)

And all I want to do is hold their hand and say I’m so sorry you didn’t get to be free and different too. I’m so sorry that you feel you didn’t get your turn. But it’s not these people’s fault and your hate towards them is misguided. I’m sorry you aren’t living your best life the way you want to. I’m sorry you are so upset and angry.

But I can’t hold their hand. There are millions of hands to hold.

Millions of lost souls to love back to SANITY.

And they won’t stop yelling




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