Looking for the way

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a big part of the push to get back on the blog really comes from the Artist’s Way.



I hear people talking all the time about how they’re not creative and it brings such deep sadness to hear this. The idea that you’re not creative if you don’t paint or draw is an absurd way to look at creativity and this is really one of my favorite parts of the book: it attempts to show everyone that yes indeedy we are all creative!

I’m no stranger to guidance seeking. I consider myself an open minded person, so when I found myself laid off, best friend less, debt-full and sad from it all, I decided serendipitously getting invited to an Artist’s Way meetup exactly one day after my layoff was a sign that I should promptly sign up for a spiritual journey.

Just google it so you get all the details but, basically, the Artists Way is a 12 week deep dive into your sense of possibility and limitation. It opens up a lot of space between what you think you’re capable of and it’s a beautiful expression of what I consider one of the highest human ideals:

Self actualization!



A year ago I was a bit shy and reserved about “artistic recovery” and looked to the much more seasoned Artist’s Way veterans to shine a light on my creative salvation.

This year I am one of the co-hosts of a regular weekly meetup here in Brooklyn!

You write daily in the morning and you take yourself out on a date once a week. It seems okay but actually doing it every day, for 12 weeks is intense. At first you complain about all the superficial things in your life and then you sort of run out of that and then you get to the good stuff. The stuff you don’t like looking at very much. The stuff that makes you sad and angry. The stuff that makes you want to numb out.


It sounds pretty heavy but it really is GREAT because it’s when we let go of our sense of control and trust that maybe there is something magical in us that’s











of our dreams!


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