It’s been so long!

It’s literally been years at this point.

I don’t really know why I haven’t been writing exactly. Maybe I feel it’s futile. Maybe I am afraid to pursue creative endeavors earnestly. Maybe I am just lazy. I really enjoy writing though so I am DOING THIS. I’m ready to try again.

I guess I will do a nice catch up since this last post. My life is pretty much totally different but I am pretty much the same with some minor upgrades (i think).


I’ve moved to NYC, I started and lost a business, I let go of old friendships and built new friendships, I’ve had new jobs -several in fact, I’ve witnessed the rise of modern authoritarian fascism, neo nazis and white supremacy cloud our country, I fell in love with a wonderful man that is literally THE best and that’s pretty much where I’m at; witnessing the world go by and trying my best to imprint my own intentions as I go.

I find myself so hopelessly emotional about the state of things, depending on the day and miss the days where I could exhale my own breath into the world I occupy. Rather than taking in all the madness, I want to expel my own madness FOR A CHANGE.


I’ve been taking in too much and I have thought, for some time now, that it’s time to push out some more Irene into the world.

If anything, to give my soul a respite.



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