Do poor, desperate losers need love too?

The other day I missed my train because I was having a conversation with a stranger about the universe (basically). More specifically, we started out discussing food stamps and people who abuse the system and end up buying cigarettes and beer with their food stamp money and don’t throw their cigarettes in the trash instead of the floor when they’re done with them.

This last point was of particular frustration for the strange man I was speaking to.

Obviously the easy thing to say here is that those people suck and that it’s too bad they exist and feed off our otherwise sterling society (LOLZ), but if we look closer, the issue becomes far more complicated (obviously). Anyway, in an effort to more diplomatically demonstrate this, I started telling this guy about the movie The Purge which effectively communicates why it’s kind of a bad thing to just say that “abusers of the system” are horrible.

Note, The Purge takes this a step further and, in that fictitious society, it’s pretty much ok to kill them once a year).

It went over pretty well and I drew a few parallels by talking about unemployed people and really anyone that’s being helped by some institutionalized form of support ends up having an internal battle of determination versus complacency and that this is a universal feeling that many people can’t get out of—particularly if they’ve enduring this particular form of internal battle for an extended period of time.

Or if they’re born into the system. For example.

Really, this issue doesn’t have anything to do with these people, or that guy, or my experience the other day, or unemployed people. This is one instance along the vast spectrum of self-actualization. Why be the best person you can be when you are pretty comfortable being pretty good. You know? Why put in the extra work, why search or yearn for the extra dose of motivation to strive for excellence? It’s soooooo much more work. It’s sooooooo hard. Isn’t it?

I don’t know about this part yet. I don’t know if it has to be so hard. It’s probably the kind of thing where your head messes you up and it’s only hard because of how you’re thinking about it, which is the biggest joke. Why is anything hard for anyone? Because they have convinced themselves that it is. Why do people spend their entire lives working in fast food? Or being unemployed? Or never having a job? Or never getting off the couch? Or being on that show “My 600 lb life”?

What the hell is that even about?

It’s because people don’t focus on what’s possible enough.
It’s because people think they’re losers a lot.
It’s because people think about what they believe to be probable too much.
It’s because of a lack of spirit. And years of negative conditioning.

And because striving for excellence is too hard and convincing yourself that you’re worth something special is in fact, quite readily and often, too hard.


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