Positive Daily Affirmation From Master Yogi Poppins

Thinking is so very overrated.

I used to pride myself on intellect, on understanding, on maintaining a grasp on reality. Frequently, on maintaining a leg up on reality and making decisions for the well-being of my future and I had the suspicion that placing this much concern on how things will work out would find a way to bite me at some point. A suspicion that it was too much. But I never thought the very act of thinking would find itself obsolete that all this concern was truly in vain and that, to an extent, this much effort would be in vain. The more you care the better you are right? The more you want, the more you desire, the more alive you are maybe? That’s the same thing as passion?

The thinking, the stress, the anxiety, the worry, the over-analyzing, so much of it is a direct contradiction to the enjoyment of life. There’s a time for thought and for planning, sure, but that isn’t all the time! Just sometimes. And the rest of the time should be for enjoying. And that’s it.

I feel like anything’s possible now, because it is. And this thinking has gotten me away from what’s probable because I’m not in a place to judge what’s probable and, to a larger degree, what’s probable is a function of my own thinking that any objective reality would render.

That’s some quantum shiiiii.

Also part of this was inspired by my one of my closest friends, who was telling me about her insights on our chat conversations from five years ago and she held the rather cautious perspective that we are still in the same spiritual and mental orientation we held back then. But then I thought, well, of course we do, we still think about life the same way. It’s all been “in the future”, “when I”, “what I should do”, “you know what we need is…”-this is what we did, maybe what we still do, imagining a time when we have all the resources we need to do the things we want. Breathing life into this illusion that we need more to do the things we someday want to do.

What a separation that is, and how faulty. I have the things I need to do the things I want to do right now. I can do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while in five minutes if I wanted to. Plus we already said the worry about things not working out doesn’t exist because it’s a waste of time. There is no such thing as failure, and if you create a definition for what it means and you decide that you will then you will.

There is such a thing as experiencing love, joy and triumph in your life. All the time. You can do that every day if you want to. Your life can be filled with triumph, joy and love every day. If you want to. Joy, triumph, love, expression, resonance, understanding, learning, moving, doing, laughing, all that great nice happy stuff.

That’s such a great thing to believe in, and if I believe in it, then that’s what my life will be like. Just great things happening all the time and everything will be awesome forever.

I can thank the Tao of MP for that. Love you so much, Mary. You knew it all along, Mary!



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